Flexible Mobility

The core activities delivered by CHAT and grassroots partners CORPs through a variety of outreach strategies reaching people by foot, canoe, in vehicles or on camels.

In rural Kenya, reaching family planning and health services encounters challenges in hard-to-reach communities, marked by financial burdens, stigma, and cultural barriers hindering access. To surmount these obstacles, CHAT devised innovative door-to-door services, integrating flexible approaches involving back-pack, motor vehicles, and camel mobile clinics.


CHAT’s primary outreach strategy is the backpack strategy, which engages CORPs to go door-to-door in their own and surrounding communities.


In the more remote and difficult-to-reach areas, CHAT employs the unique strategy of a camel mobile program, which offers integrated health services with a focus on providing access to family planning.


Canoes are used to cross from one community to the other to access vital integrated family planning services.

Motor mobile

Motor mobile clinic can be organized to provide integrated health services, including family planning, immunisations, antenatal care, child welfare clinics, basic curatives and referrals.