CHAT Trustees

Advocate based out of Nairobi, Kenya

Mr. Nigel Shaw

Mr. Nigel, Advocate based out of Nairobi, Kenya qualified as a Kenyan Advocate and English Barrister-at-law. In 1989 he joined Kaplan & Stratton as a trainee advocate and then stayed on in full time employment with the firm from 1990 to 2019. After leaving Kaplan & Stratton he set up his own firm in association with ENSafrica and he is the managing partner of ENSafrica Kenya. His work encompasses commercial and private client work, particularly energy projects, real estate development, employment and immigration matters.

Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. John Tole

Dr. John Tole is a Health Systems Consultant. His professional undertakings include clinical practice as a paediatrician with interest in respiratory medicine; academics, having served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health and Associate Dean Clinical Affairs at the Aga Khan University; healthcare leadership and administration, as Medical Director and Chief of Medical Staff at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi. As Health Systems Consultant, he is involved in transforming and developing health systems and health professional capacity building programmes to support provision of excellent clinical services accessible to a deserving population.

Chairman, CHAT

Mr. Ken Wreford-Smith

A proud Kenyan, Ken's previous work experience includes, among several others, ranch manager for George Small Mpala. He received an Agricultural Management diploma from Seale Hayne in the UK. In addition to maternal health, equality and choice, Ken is passionate about conservation in general and efforts concerning elephants, in particular.

Landscape Ecologist

Dr Irene Amoke

Irene is the Executive Director of Kenya Wildlife Trust and is a Landscape Ecologist. She has over fifteen years of work experience in academia, government and the private sector in Kenya, South Africa and the United Kingdom. She is passionate about bridging the gap between science and policy formulation in the conservation sector and sits on the boards of several conservation organisations in and outside Kenya.

Founder, CHAT

Shanni Wreford-Smith

Over 15 years ago, Shanni founded the Mpala Community Trust and Nomadic Communities Trust, which would amalgamate to become CHAT in 2008. Additionally, she formed Desert Springs Ltd, a company focused on honey trading in Central Kenya. Then later formed Origin Africa - another honey trading business - and has spent over 25 years involved in various community-based cottage industries, such as helping unemployed women make carpets out of indigenous plant fibre and plant dyes. At the same time, she also started a company called African Frontiers Ltd. Co., which provided outward-bound camel safaris for 10 years. In fact, these same camels would end up joining CHAT for its integrated mobile services, reaching the remotest areas when necessary.