CHAT’s Developments And Achievements

1999 – 2005

  • Nov 1999 - Mpala Community Trust (MCT, later CHAT) was founded for family planning in underserved communities, contributing to well-being and environmental conservation.
  • 2000 - MCT initiates a monthly motor mobile strategy for integrated health services in Laikipia County.
  • 2002 - MCT engages with 2 Community Own Resource Persons, starting a 5-year HIV/AIDS program alongside family planning with Global Fund support. Partnership with the Ministry of Health initiated.
  • 2003 MCT launches the first innovative camel mobile providing integrated health services in Laikipia.

2005 – 2012

  • 2005 - Nomadic Communities Trust (NCT) founded to expand MCT model in hard-to-reach areas of northern Kenya.
  • 2007 - ‘Communities Health Africa Trust' (CHAT) formed, starts amalgamation with MCT & NCT for reduced administrative costs.
  • 2011 CHAT, with government partnerships, designs a family planning training curriculum, adopting a population health & environment (PHE) approach.
  • 2012 - CHAT wins "Most Outstanding Health Market Innovation" Award in "Enhancing Processes" and "Mobile Health" categories from CHMI, supported by Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and UK Aid. Invited to represent northern pastoral communities of Kenya at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II. CHAT initiates the GFTB project.


  • 2014 -CHAT, partnering with the Government of Kenya and the Ministries of Environment and Health, designs a family planning curriculum integrating ecological awareness for a holistic PHE approach.
  • 2015 -CHAT initiates advocacy at the County level.
  • 2017 -CHAT secures its highest funding to date, with an annual budget of USD $ 400,000, a ten-fold increase from 2000, including grants from The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and USAID.

2018 – 2019

  • 2018 -CHAT serves 130,000+ individuals with family planning using their PHE approach, providing accessible contraception 50,000+, the highest in a year. Staff: 13, active partnership with 32 CORPs, supporting family planning access and mobile health services in 7 ecosystems.
  • 2019 -CHAT updates 5-year Strategic Plan with Maliasili. CHAT transferred the management of the Mpala Ranch staff clinic to the Mpala Research Centre. CHAT initiates capacity-building for Village Development Committees (VDCs).


  • 2020 -CHAT responds to COVID-19, sensitising communities door-to-door with an effective back-pack strategy. CHAT reaches 12 ecosystems in 14 counties.
  • 2021 -CHAT, undeterred by COVID-19, implements activities focusing on integrated family planning services across 12 ecosystems in 16 counties.
  • 2022 -CHAT scaled up to a new ecosystem – the Mount Elgon Ecosystem on the Uganda border. CHAT attends 2 international workshops in Tanzania and Germany to present CHAT strategies and learn about how Non-Violent Communication (NVC) can help mitigate gender-based violence.